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At Cliff Ross Ad Agency, typeface design is an art. We believe the single greatest thing about art is the freedom to be inspired by elements in the world around you, and expressing those ideas through whatever medium you choose. We interact with type all day and we truly appreciate the power and beauty it possesses. Each letterform is carefully sketched by hand and then brought to life digitally. Creating a unique and beautiful typeface that's also usable takes time, expertise and fine-tuning.

The first round of Philly-inspired fonts have just been released, but more are already in the works. Now, not just neighborhoods, but streets and other things relevant to Philadelphia will be embodied in the next series of Philly Fonts. Even hot topics like the "Soda Tax" will be represented in font form. New sets inspired by other cities will be making an appearance in the near future, as well.

Cliff Ross has offices in Philadelphia and downtown Easton, PA. We're proud to be the original architects of the "Philly Fonts" concept and are excited to see that collection continue to grow. We're also thrilled to offer our custom typeface design service. We're passionate about helping businesses further develop and strengthen their brand. Contact us to find out how our custom font design service can take your business to the next level.


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